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Personal Safety Voltage Detector
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Personal Safety Voltage Detector

SVD-588 Front

Personal Safety Voltage Detector

SVD-588 Rear

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Product ID: SVD-588

Warning Proximity of AC Voltage
Water Proof (sealed to Ip65)
Easty to wear on body, Belt, Helmet.
Ultra High bright LED indicaiton
Test and Diagnostic Circuitry.
Freiendly priority alert reporting.
Circuit Test Funciton.
Hight impact type casing.
Differnt alerting sound and light.
removable neck belt.
suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Detect voltage on any systems.
Low battery indiation.,
All OK test indication.
Ultra low power consumption.

  • General Description
    • The SVD 588 consists of an internal pickup AC sensor plate, a test(oscillator) and diagnostic circuit, an adjustable threshold comparator, a sound annnunicator(buzzer), a visual indicator(super high bright LED) and a 9V battery. all enclosed into the robut " beeper" style case.
  • Principle of how it work
    • The SVD-588 detects AC voltage using its internal AC sensor plate. The AC sensor plate pick
    • up part of the radiated electric field in volts per meter (V/M).
    • The electric field is amplified and processed by the internal circuitry and once the processed signal is above the threshold, triggers the input of a integrated circuit, which start the oscillator for the buzzer and LED. The buzzer beeps and LED lit intermittently at a rate of 2 beeps/flash per second.
    • The "Self-test" diagnostic is actioned by depressing simultaneously both push button on the front panel. The battery monitoring is always ON.
  • CE

Contact Detail

Contact:Stanley Hwang
Address: 3F., No.12, Lane. 130, MinQuan Road., XinDian Dist., New Taipei City 23141, TAIWAN