Temperature Humidity meter LED Monitor with Data logger
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Temperature Humidity meter LED Monitor with Data logger

Large LED screen Temperature Humidity meter Datalogger


Product ID: TRH-3308, TRH-3308D

Large LED Screen

   Temperature/ Humidity Monitor

   (Dispaly size: 23mm x 120mm, L x W )

 Product ID: 
Temperature Humidity LED Screen Display  TRH-3308
Temperature Humidity LED Screen Data logger TRH-3308D



    - Large LED display for simultaneous reading of humidity and temperature.

    - Dual LED display: the maximum reading on the top display (primary display) is

     1999. The maximum reading on the bottom display(secondary display) is 999.

    - Time clock.



    - Complete environmental monitor and alarm.

    - Wall-Mounted LED type, easy reading.

    - Alarm set for Hi and Low limit-Temperature and Humidity.

    - Datalogging Capacity 30,000 records.(TRH-3308D)

    - LED displays real time data.

    - USB interface.(TRH-3308D).




  Temperature range
 -20 º C~60 º C (-4 º F ~140 º F)
  Temperature Accuracy
 +/-1.0 º C / +/-1.8  º F (-5.0 º C ~40.0 º C /23 º F~104 º F); others +/-2.0 º C /3.6 º F
  Temperature Resolution
 0.1 º C/0.1º F
  Temperature update rate
 1 times/ second
  Temperature sensor type
  Relative Humidity range
  Relative Humidity

     +/-5.0%RH(at 25 º C,35%RH~80%RH).      
  Relative Humidity Resolution
 1.0 RH
 Relative Humidity response time
 below 4 second
  LED display
 214mm*120mm (8.4*4.73 inch)
  Power supply
 AC to DC Adapter (9V/1A)
  Battery Backup
 DC 9V battery enables continued measuring during power disruptions
 260mmx178mmx 47mm(L*W*H)
 1000 g


  - Warehouses.         - Hospitals blood/Tissue banks.

  - Laboratories.          - Computer rooms.

  - Chambers/incubator.              - Clean rooms.

  - Electronics manufacturing.     - Defense.

  - Refrigerators/Freezers.           - Other Critical areas.


Temperature Humidity Large LED Mointor  data logger of TRH-3308D

Q &  A:  


  • Simultaneous display-Date time, Temperature and RH ?

      No, this logger TRH-3308D cannot be monitored by your computer         simultaneuously.


  • Internal data storage-Approximately 30 days data storage per parameter at 5 min sampling rate  ?

    30 days data sotrage per parament at 5 min required 8640 point space and our memory card  gets 43000 points

    that is engouh to cover your need.

  • Programmable start/stop time-Required ?

      This feature is not available. It only can be done on the front panel manually.

       Not programmable.

        Date and time shall be available with data retrieved-Required ?

     Data of date and time can be downloaded by Excel form.


  • Alarming-When exceed high and low set limits  ?

      The hardware has this alarm features but not for its software

  • Software-Shall be provided. Shall be able to transfer data to Excel spread sheet ?

       Yes, we have this features.

  • Communication cable-Shall be provided ?

        Yes, USB cable is provided.

  • Auto display off function-Required  ?

        No, there is no Auto display off features for this LED monitor but you can turn if off manual

       and logger will be stopped recording.

  • Wall mountable-Required  ?

         Yes,  it is wall mountable.



What's Data screen dimensions ?
The LED Segment is  approx. 2.5 x 4 cm and
the whole  LED panel is approx. 12 x 21 cm.



  • CE

Contact Detail

Contact:Stanley Hwang
Address: 3F., No.12, Lane. 130, MinQuan Road., XinDian Dist., New Taipei City 23141, TAIWAN