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Type K Thermocouple
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Type K Thermocouple

TPK-04 Surface Temperature Probe

Type K Thermocouple

One Stripe type High quality sensor

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Product ID: TPK-04, TPK-04S

TEPCEL Temperature
Thermocouple Porbes

Surface Probe TPK-04
Surface Probe TPK-04S

Angle 90 degree surface probe TPK-04L

  • TPK-04
    • Thermocouple Porbes
    • Surface Probe TPK-04
    • -50°C ~ 500°C/-58°F ~932°F
    • Fast response probe.
    • Ideal for measuring the surface temperature of small electronic parts
  • TPK-04S
    • Surface Probe TPK-04S
    • -50°C ~ 500°C/-58°F ~932°F
    • Fast response probe.
    • Ideal for measuring the surface temperature of small electronic parts
  • TPK-04L
    • 90 degree Angle
    • Specification as TPK-04

How to use Surface temperature thermocouple correctly?


  1. The Objective surface should be kept clean, as a result of oil, dust, or other insulating material. For example,  paint will affect the measurement accuracy .
  2. Measured surface should be flat, For example,  the measured object is rough or uneven, you need to use grease ,smear on its get better heat transmitting. Rough surface tends to cause the thermocouple sensor damaged or poor performance of  the accuracy .
  3. Measurement of surface area must be greater than the size of a probe sensor.
  4. Prohibit using surface thermocouple for rolling objects. Suggest to use scroll wheel temperature measurements Tecpel TPK-06 Rolling thermocouple to measuring rolling objectives.
  5. Take the vertical angle of 90 ° degrees.  The error should not exceed 5 ° degree angle to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement
  6. 6. Do not measure the temperature exceeds its rated temperature, to avoid the thermocouple from being damaged.

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