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Dear customer Hello, before sending the product for repair, be sure to read the following terms and conditions in detail to avoid any additional troubles.

  1. All products sold by Tailing Company are guaranteed for one year except "sensor" and "consumables".
  2. The starting time of product warranty will be based on body serial number and sales invoice. If the serial number cannot be recognized and the customer cannot provide purchase information, Tailing Company The right to be treated as out of bail.
  3. If the product fails due to improper use, poor storage, or damage to the product due to moisture or external force, it is not within the scope of the free warranty.
  4. If it is a defective new product, please respond or send it back to Tailing Company within 7 days, and the original box and accessories and gifts attached to the product are required. The used consumables will be Cannot be exchanged or returned.
  5. Industrial instruments are not general consumer commodities. Instruments have accuracy requirements. After maintenance, they still need to be tested, so it will take a long time, and most products cannot be directly replaced with good products.
  6. Tailing does not guarantee the completeness of the record data of the product sent for repair. If there is any important data in use, it should be backed up before the product is sent for repair.
  7. If the product is repaired for more than one year, there will be a basic inspection fee of NT$300. If additional costs are incurred during the repair, a separate quotation will be notified to the customer until the customer agrees. Repairs will then begin.
  8. If the user abandons the repair after receiving the quotation, he will still have to pay the basic inspection fee of NT$300.
  9. Tailing has the right to charge storage fees 30 days after the quotation, daily $20 price.
  10. When the storage cost is higher than the repair value or market price of the product, Tailing has the right to recycle or scrap the product.