DTM-20 Hygro Thermometer with Audio Alarm Features

TECPEL is proudly introducing new DTM-20 Hygro Thermometer which is a multi-functional hygrometer with the features of measuring humidity, temperature, dew point and Hi-Low Limit audio alarm function. This unit can be simply put on the desk or mounted on the wall for environment monitor. Optional high precision sensor ±2% RH is available for customer's choice (DTM-20RP32)

DTM-300C Waterproof LCD Alarm Thermometer -50 ~ 300 ℃

Product  ID : DTM-300C
Waterproof LCD Thermometer -50 ~ 300 ℃ can be set upper and lower alarm Thermometers

Function Description:

◎ having upper and lower temperature alarm function.

◎ The amount of temperature and humidity of the maximum (MAX) / minimum (MIN) value memory.

◎ with sucker and 100 cm extension cords.

◎ low battery warning.

◎ power switch.

◎ high accuracy can be displayed to one decimal place.

◎ metal temperature measuring stick.

*This thermometer highest measured temperature of 300 C, but not recommended for prolonged measuring more than 3 minutes*

DTM-305, DTM-307 Digital Thermometers


The thermometer is a device that measures temperature of using a variety of different principles. You can use a thermometer to tell the temperature outside or inside your house, inside ovens, even the temperature of your body if you have fever.

Tecpel provides you digital thermometers which are most widely used because of their convenience. Our thermometers can measure the wide temperature range from -50°C to 1,300°C. Furthermore, with digit LCD display , our thermometers can be more stylish and accurate than others.

It has been 400 years that Galileo invented the earliest thermometer . Now Tecpel give you K-type thermocouple which is inexpensive and, owing to its popularity, available in a wide variety of probes.

Our compact, contemporary thermometers are ideal for use in your home or office. They have outstanding temperature sensor that can make your measure more preciser.

No matter what your purpose, our thermometers are a quick, simple and effective way of getting temperature information. The quality thermometers of Tecpel can fit your needs.

Please also see our hot products as below:

DTM-305: Single input.

DTM-307: Dual input + 0.1 ° C resolution.

Company Web Site: http://www.tecpel.com

DTM-305B, DTM-307B Industrial Thermometer single/ Dual inputs type K themocouples

This Digital industrial thermometer is especially designed and manufactured for industries. Customers may need a measuring device which can provide accurate measurement. In this case, our product is definitely your best choice to fulfill all your needs and expectations! Furthermore, if you want a durable temperature meter which can measure a wide range of temperature, the Digital Industrial Thermometer is a good choice as well. It's not only accurate, but also protable and convenience for precise measurement.

Having been devoted to this industry for over 20 years, TECPEL is a rapidly growing company and considered as one of leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurement devices. For more information in details about our industrial thermometer, please feel free to send your inquiry to us anytime. We will contact you once we receieve your inquiry. Presending you our best device is our pleasure.

DTM-305C Temperature Meter Single input with type K bead thermocouple

This is a professional temperature meter provided by Tecpel Co., Ltd, ideal for many circumstances which need precise manipulation. This specific device has a great capacity of measuring accurately, helping users to get the most correct data at once. Moreover, it's worth mentioning that the temperature meter is especially manufactured as a portable device, suitable for users to carry with, and more convenient to operate the measuring work.

Specializing in manufacturing high quality test and measurement equipments such as temperature meter, we are the leading and well-known Taiwanese manufacturer in this industry. We value customers’ needs most; therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality, best price products with prompt services.

Here, we are glad to present you our best products. If you have any further questions about this specific Temperature Meter, please send your inquiry to us. We're willing to provide any help as far as we could do!

DTM-3101 Stem Thermometer

LCD Digital Multi-Thermometer

A thermometer measures the temperature of the environment or material that we are operating on. Two means help the thermometer to display the signal. First, the digital sensor in infrared models, and secondly the converter that shows the numbers.

DTM-3101 is a digital stem thermometer from Tecpel with LCD to display the measurement.

4.MAX/MIN (°F/°C)

DTM-3102 Stem Thermometer

LCD Digital Multi-Thermometer
MODEL : DTM-3102

DTM-3105 Multifunciton Thermocouple Thermometer

Thermocouple Thermometer Model DTM-3105

* Carrying Case and 4 TC probes -100 ° C ~ + 300 ° C.Included
1. DTM-3105-TPK4 Surface probe (230 mm x 4mm Dia) ; Probe head 12 mm Dia.
2. DTM-3105-TPK05 Air probe (235 mm x 3.5 mm Dia) ; Probe head: ( 40 mm L x 5.5 mm Dia )
3. DTM-3105-TPK03R Round head immersion probe (130mm L x 4.0mm Dia)
4. DTM-3105-TPK03S Pin point head immersion probe(125 mm L x 3.5mm Dia)

DTM-3106 Water resistant Stem Thermometer

LCD Digital Multi-Thermometer Stem thermometer
MODEL : DTM-3106 for food, soup, ice / hot water temperature measurement

This pen-type digital thermometer is characterized for multi-usage with the features of low power consumption, high accuracy, high stability, compact structure, and easy to be used at affordable price.

It is very suitable for measuring the temperature for cold ice/hot water, drink, milk, coffee, food and also BBQ.
Be assured that you've cooked foods to a temperature that's high enough to kill any illness-causing bacteria;Compact structure with a hole hook;With high accuracy and high stability;°F/°C on LCD display;