HVP-277 High Voltage detector Product ID: HVP-277

The HVP-277 high voltage detector is an ideal tool for checking the presence
of AC high voltages and AC low voltages in cables, wall
outlet, fuses......etc.
The HVP-277 provides a non-contact detection for AC
voltages from 50V~132kV. It's also an essential tool for industrial, utility
and mine safety applications.

● 2 ranges for selection ( 2 function buttons )
LOW : 50V~1.5kV
Press the LOW button, 277 HP is ready for low voltage detection.
HIGH : 1.5kV~132kV
Press the HIGH button, 277 HP is ready for high voltage detection.
● Power consumption:
Off : Less than 5uA
Low voltage detection mode: Less than 40mA
High voltage detection mode: Less than 40mA
● Circuit test function
Press the Test button to make sure the whole circuit is working well
before testing actual high voltage circuits.
● Optional accessory:
HS-175 Telescopic hot stick (triangle-type)
HS-120 Hot stick

Category: Electric Testers