Temperature and relative Humidity Meter(Tecpel DTM-320) Product ID: Tecpel DTM-320

Temperature Humidity   meter   

Prdoduct ID: DTM-320

Humidity/Temperature  Meter  
Model: DTM-320


  • Temp:-20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F );

     Humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH

  • 4 Digit, Triple display.

  • K-type Termocouple.

  • Reading hold °C or °F annunciators.

  • MAX, MIN. function.

  • Auto power off.

  • RS-232 Interface

  • Automatic low battery indication.                

Ordering Information:
Model : DTM-320
 with RS-232 interface
Humidity/Temperature Meter

(1)  Temperature /Humidity LCD Display        

2)  Holes for RS-232 (or USB ) cable, DC 9V AC adapter

(3) Function Key Buttons                                   

4) Trippot  Stand hole

(5) Battery Cover                                                  

6) Panel operation indication

7) Gift box and Deluxe plastic carrying case

Temperature and Relative Humidity meter 
Q and A:

1) Our customer ask for Accuracy of 2% and your have quoted for 2.5%. Please confirm
whether you  can provide suitable model.
No.    Accuracy    is Humidity +-2.5% RH (@ 25 °C  / (77°F)    , 30 ~ 95% RH)

2) Display of Air temperature relative humidity time and date simultaneously required
No,  LCD display cannot have this function but you can see them from software.

3) Please confirm details of display provide by you.
LCD Display.  

4) Temperature required .ºC & .ºF, simultaneously or alternatively LCD DISPLAY size
It cannot  be displayed  simultaneously but you can choose one of it.

5) should operate on Supply Voltage: 230 VAC, ±5V,.50Hz, 1 Phase, AC supply.
You can purchase AC 230 V to DC 9V adopter at your country or from us.
(Optional adapter ADP-01 110V, ADP-02 220V)

6) Customer asks in DTM-320 manual, measurement range is 0%~100% but operating
environment is only 0 to 90% non-condensing –> so whether these two information

The sensor measurement range can work for 0~ 100% RH
but the operating environment  0 ~ 90% RH(Non Condensing) is for the meter itself.
There is no conflicts with each other.

Besides, 100% RH is close to water and this will cause meter damaged for
all electronics devices. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the sensor and meter  dry
to extend its reliability and usage life.

Order Information:
DTM-320 Digital Temperature Humidity meter
Minimum order: Negotiable.

Optional accessory: 

RS-232 Cable, USB cable , SE-310 (Software) 



Specifications model  DTM-320
Measurement Range   
Humidity 0% ~ 100% RH
Temperature T1: -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F )

Resolution 0.1% RH  0.1°C  (0.1 °F)
Humidity +-2.5% RH (@ 25 °C  / (77°F)    , 30 ~ 95% RH)
Temperature  (+-0.7 °C  , 1.4  °F  )

Sensor Type Humidity: Precision capacitance sensor
Temperature: T1 Semiconductor sensor

Response Type Humidity: 75 s (in slow moving air)

Operating Temp. & Humidity  
0 °C   ~ 50 °C  (32  ~ 122°F ) & 0 ~ 90% RH

Storage Temp. & Humidity
0 ~ 60 °C (14 ~ 140°F  )& 0~80% RH Non-condensing
Power Supply 9V NEDA 1604 Battery
(Optional adapter ADP-01 110V, ADP-02 220V)
Battery Life Approximately 100 hrs (Alkaline)

Meter:10.8""x2.5""x1.2"" (186x64x30mm)
Probe:7.5""x0.6"" (190x15mm)
Weight:11.2 oz(320g)
DTM- 320  :   9V battery,
Deluxe carrying case,  owners manual.
Humidity probe(Installed) , 9V battery,Deluxe carrying case,  owners manual.