DMM-8020A-Digital Multimeter(DMM-8020A) Product ID: DMM-8020A

Heavy Duty Digital Multimeter

3 3/4 DMM+Capacitance

Model:DMM 8020A

Features :

☆ 0.5% DC V accuracy

☆ 3.999 count LCD display
☆ Resistance to 40 MΩ
☆ Frequency to 4 MHz
☆ Capacitance measurement
☆ Logic Test
☆ Transistor hFE test
☆ Audible continuity test
☆ Drop-proof to 10 ft.
☆ Overload protection
☆ Meet IEC-348 and UL-1244 standard

*  Input impedance 10M Ohm

*  2-year warranty Model : DMM 8020

Specifications :

DC Voltage Ranges:
400mV,4V,40V,400V,1000V ±(0.5%+1dgt)

AC Voltage Ranges:
400mV,4V,40V,400V,750V ±(1.2~2%+3dgts)

DC Current Ranges:
40mA,400mA, 20A ±(1~3%+3dgts),

AC Current Ranges:
40mA,400mA, 20A ±(1.5~3.5%+4dgts)

Resistance Ranges:
400Ω,4kΩ,40 kΩ,400 kΩ,4MΩ, 40MΩ,±(0.75~2%+5dgts)

Capacitance Range:
4nF,40nF,400nF,4uF,40uF, ±(3%+10dgts)

Frequency Range:
4KHz,40KHz,400KHz,4000KHz, ±(0.1%+4dgts)

*Diode Test * Transistor test (hFE) * Logic Test


Power Requirement:
One 9V battery

7.5""x3.4""x1.5"" (190x86x38mm)

17 oz(482g)

Test leads, holster, battery, and owners manual

Category: Multimeters

Q & A :

  • What are the limitations as to the measurement of high currents with this? (length of measurement and time between)
  • The specifications of some are quite clear - saying (for example) ""current over 8A maximum 10 seconds, cooling time 12 minutes"" - if not specified it can imply ""continuous"".
  • Answer: The DMM-8020A has the same limitations, i.e. current over 8A maximum 10 seconds,
  • cooling time 12 minutes.